Emmy's Bubble Tea Lounge

About Emmy's Bubble Tea Lounge

Many will question, Why Emmy's Bubble Tea Lounge?

Here at Emmy’s Bubble Tea Lounge, we hold the firm belief that it is our mission to continuously improve and expand the world of bubble tea!

We do everything in our power to make sure that we offer the best bubble tea experiences. From the ingredients for our products to the customer service at our stores, we keep a strict and uncompromisingly high standard, setting a high bar to make sure we are continuously thriving.

Emmy’s Bubble Tea Lounge is a locally owned tea shop that is home to some of the best-tasting milk tea and fruit tea drinks in Statesboro, GA. We have created a whole new way of preparing and serving your favorite bubble tea drinks.

Our team offers an extraordinary taste through our twist on some traditional favorites and our own innovative blends. We put a dash between creamy smooth bubble tea and fruit tea to create a unique contrast in taste and texture.

Please feel free to come join our Emmy’s family and allow us to broaden your world of Bubble Tea!